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Charge-Now: Real-Time Credit Card Authorization

Real-Time Credit Card Authorization
Charge-Now is the most advanced, secure, and reliable method for authorizing credit card transactions online in real-time. This service enables you to accept all of the major credit cards (and most debit cards) without the need to purchase or lease costly hardware or install any software.

Ease Of Use
ahmb.net’s advanced technologies enable you to easily accept credit cards and checks with or without a web site, using a new or existing merchant account (required for credit cards only). With a web site, you can use any number of shopping carts. Your web site can be hosted on any server without compromising the security of your customers’ data.

Through ahmb.net’s Transaction Control Panel, you will have access to many useful interfaces, such as a transaction listing, online credits to customer accounts, real-time voiding of transactions, and point-and-click recurring billing.

Features And Benefits
Since your customers are not required to download software (e.g., wallets) or subscribe to an online payment service, their transactions can be processed immediately. Credit card authorizations are returned to you and your customer in as few as ten seconds.

Try It – See What It’s Like!

  • Write down this test password and user ID:
    Gateway ID: 25718
    Password: ahmb8778782462
  • Go to the demonstration
  • Click on the appropriate button to begin the demo.