Customer Gift & Loyalty Program

Increase your bottom line with Arlington Heights Merchant Banc’s Gift & Loyalty Program

Customer Gift & Loyalty Programs

93% of U.S. consumer’s purchase or receive a gift card each year? And of the cards redeemed, 72% of customers will spend MORE than the original value of their card?

From strengthening your brand to driving incremental sales to increasing customer loyalty, Arlington Heights Merchant Banc’s gift and loyalty program will help you meet your business goals. Flexible enough to suit your unique business, and with all the bells and whistles, we help you communicate with, reward, and incentivize your customers.

  • Attract New Customers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Average Ticket Size and Sales
  • Earn Incremental Revenue from Breakage
  • Build and Reward Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce Fraud and Cash Returns

Our turnkey programs are fast, easy to implement and affordable.
Let us help you launch a program for your business to maximize value and growth.

Loyalty/Reward Cards Programs

Loyalty/Reward Cards can be used three different ways

  1. Instant Rewards gives the consumer an immediate reward after their purchases reach a certain level.
  2. Graduated Rewards allows the consumer to save points until they reach a level for something they want.
  3. Rebate Rewards allows the consumer to receive a cash rebate.

Loyalty/Reward programs

  • Loyalty/Reward programs allow you to know who your customers are and help you to reach out to them to generate more business.
  • It will generate a customer database that is up-to-date and includes address, cell phone, emails, birthdays.
  • It tracks your customers’ spending habits.
  • It allows you to “touch” those customers who have not visited your business in a while via email or text message to lure them back.
  • Repeat (loyal) customers’ generally spend nearly 70% more than new customers.
  • 50% of customers who receive an email marketing offer, take advantage of the offer.
  • The more your loyal customers spend, the more points they earn. They use these points for additional services or products or special offers.
  • 70% of Loyalty customers will recommend your program to friends within a year.
  • A customer who is actively participating in a loyalty/reward program is 3 times as likely to recommend your business.
  • It costs only 1/10th of your marketing dollars to retain your loyal customers than to bring in new customers on your own.
  • Loyalty/Reward programs increase your customer base using few marketing dollars to do it.