Partnership Program for Nonprofits

WIN 1: Benefits of a Partnership with AHMB

  • 20% of the profit generated by a business’ credit card processing is donated to our registered nonprofit partner organization.
  • When a business processes their credit cards with anyone other than AHMB, the profit goes solely to the processing company and not to anyone else and the non-profit organization loses out.
  • When a business processes through AHMB they can designate a registered sponsoring partner as their recipient and the registered sponsoring nonprofit partner will receive a monthly donation.
  • The more businesses that setup merchant processing with AHMB, designating the registered sponsoring partner, the more money will be donated to the sponsoring partner on a monthly basis.

WIN 2: Benefits the Merchant

  • When a business processes with AHMB, the business saves money on its own processing costs
  • AHMB will meet or beat the current rates being charged for merchant services.
  • Therefore processing costs are reduced PLUS the business is making a monthly donation to the sponsoring partner via AHMB without spending more money. The business is donating to our nonprofit partner organization wiich will put a smile on your face.

WIN 3: Benefits AHMB

  • We are small business, every customer is important to us; we strive to provide the best pricing and the best customer service possible to every merchant.
  • ONE; AHMB gains a new customer, TWO; the merchant is donating to their non-profit without spending more money; THREE; we are able to help sponsoring nonprofit partner by donating 20% of profit, to our nonprofit partner organization.

Banners for Our Partners

Embed a banner on your website. Copy the code found below the banner you would like to use, and paste it on your website where you would like this banner to appear.

AHMB Banner 728 x 90 px - ideal for websites

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AHMB Banner 600 x 134 px - ideal for Email Blasts

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