Take payments faster, safer, and more cost effectively.

Take payments faster, safer, and more cost effectively.

Process credit card and other payment types for your business and keep more profit.

Fast, Pre-Approval For Your Business Today!

From restaurants to retail, products to services, businesses of all types need easy payment solutions to grow their bottom line and boost customer experiences.

Now, you have the power at your fingertips to take charge of your charges – without high fees or hard-to-use systems.

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Payment solutions to grow your business


Easy-to-set-up, simple-to-use payment solutions for any business


Advice and guidance on the latest technology and helpful tools


Round-the-clock problem-solving consultation and technical help

You don’t have to be a tech expert to take & manage payments

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Effortless credit card and payment processing hardware and software.

Take payments for your products or services – at your location, over the phone, through your website or app, and any other way imaginable. Prefer cash or direct deposit e-checks? We can help with that, too.

✔ Easy-to-set up point-of-sale hardware and software
✔ MX Merchant mobile apps, Bluetooth readers, and swipe extensions
✔ High or low complexity, based on your comfortability with technology
✔ Seamless integration with websites and other compatible digital platforms
✔ Flexible payment options, like pay online and pick-up in store

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Technology and tools for enterprise payment management and merchant services.

Beyond point-of-sale solutions, your company needs next-level solutions for on-going payment management. Adopting new technology gives you a competitive advantage and empowers your staff to work more effectively and efficiently.

✔ Client portals for recurring payments
✔ Auto-update expired or lost customer credit cards
✔ PCI compliance advisory services and reminders
✔ Support your journey into ecommerce
✔ Automatic digital invoicing for healthier revenue visibility
✔ B2B purchase order generation for faster payment

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Always-available technical support, setup help, and cost-savings strategies.

We’ve had the same phone number for over 30 years. That means you’ll never have trouble getting a real person on the line to help you troubleshoot issues or find ways to save you money

✔ Ability to push processing fees to customer
✔ As you make more, ancillary fees negate themselves
✔ Resolve issues on your behalf
✔ Continuous, creative money-saving consultation
✔ More profit in your pocket from sales and orders
✔ Less hassle with broken systems through personal and attentive help

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Save your business more money with AHMB's merchant processing.


Tell us about your payment needs, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

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✔ Complementary card swipers and terminals
✔ Price-match on competitor rates
✔ PCI compliance audit and recommendations
✔ Pay with cash discount program

Fast, Pre-Approval For Your Business Today!